New Hire Learning and Team Management

New hire learning and team management to fast track onboarding and enable engineering teams with the know-how to perform, scale and evolve.
Role: Product Designer, Research, Testing
Project: Desktop app design
Tools: Figma, Miro, Zoom


Accelerate technical onboarding and learning to deliver consistent experiences, customized for each team or role.


Lack of time: To customize learning for each onboarding new hire and poor practices are causing churn and inconsistent experiences.
Tools and documentation: Tools and documentation are located in multiple places making it challenging for managers to have oversight on new hire progress.


Easy customization: Managers to have clear learning paths to promote new hire growth, ensure value add and learning needs met.
Consolidate tools and documentation: Provide tools and resources that help managers gather information they need in one consistent location.
Key Findings
Managers and CTO's want to maintain high retention and a positive organizational culture but there seems to be negative impact to productivity during onboarding.
Overwhelming and time consuming to onboard
Lack of oversight on progress of new hires
Inconsistent experiences and business disruption
Synthesizing user research
Ken Graham
Pain points:
Onboarding takes critical time and resources. Lack of resources and out of date documentation negatively reflects on company.
I need to deliver consistent new hire onboarding experiences across the engineering organization without slowing down work. It is important because I value team member growth and learning.

Understanding the competitors

Analyzing competitors in a similar space highlighted that we were tackling a common problem and there was room for improvement and value add.

Building ground up

Congregating new hire onboarding statistics and performance in a homepage dashboard for easy access and assessment of overall performance and completion.