Immanuel Floral

Responsive redesign for a client to increase customer engagement and retention.
Image of custom order page
Role: Product Designer, Research, Testing
Project: Client redesign
Tools: Figma, Miro, Illustrator


How might we grow customer base and increase online sales?


Stagnant growth: Online sales make up only 10% of business profits.
Abandoning cart: Users spend time adding items to their cart only to abandon them towards the check out process.


Engagement: Add customer engagement features and customizations.
Information in one place: Redesign purchase process flow to help users finalize check out.
Key Findings
Stakeholders intended to make it easier for customers to place orders. However, online orders account for about 10% of their sales. In my research to understand the root causes of the low sales, Users were very vocal with the current site navigation.
Hibiscus flower icon
This Does Not Work!
Broken links and buttons that do not work or respond.
Flower bouquet icon
I Can't Find It!
Flowers are not sorted in any particular order.
Green leaf icon
I Just Read This!
Repetitive content throughout multiple different pages.
Pink. cherry blossom icon
Where Do I Go?
Unable to browse all available products on one page.
Rose flower icon
When Is Delivery?
Only one delivery option and unable to select specific times.
Yellow sunflower icon
Is This Real?
No gallery to help users build rapport and ensure trust.
User insights
Users were often confused with the site navigation and felt overwhelmed with the different pages that were available.
Homepage of Immanuel Floral before website redesign

Understanding the competitors

A closer look at competitors highlighted strategies used to engage customers.
These included how-to care guides, community give back programs and product guarantee to ensure quality and value.

This helped users feel that they were being taken care of, they were buying quality products and they could come back for reliable information.

Yellow sunflower icon
Community Give Back
Customer engagement to increase customer rapport.
Green shamrock icon
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Statement and business accountability ensuring quality products and value.
Yellow and orange flower
Do You Want Chocolates?
Additional products during check out to increase sales profit.
Brown potted plant with 5 green leaves
Care Guide
Care information to teach customers communicates expertise and knowledge.

Site map

A common feedback users gave about navigating the current website was that the site navigation was confusing and frustrating because it was unclear.

My first goal was to focus on simplifying the navigation to create consistency, be readable and easy to follow.
Sitemap navigation

Fidelity ideations and design

The pieces were starting to come together. I spoke with the client about the key attributes to design a cohesive branding and overlook look.
"Revolve around Heather's personality which is described as simple, elegant, and sophisticated”

- Immanuel Floral Stakeholder, Steve

Logo Redesign

A logo grabs attention, makes a strong impression and is the foundation of the brand identity. To help build customer base I needed to improve brand loyalty.


Previous logo for immanuel floral that is bold and in capitals
Direct, straight forward and comes across very strong with bold weight and capitalized typography font.


New immanuel floral logo that is elegant and simple with a cursive f
Emphasis on "Immanuel" because their customers are familiar with using this. Balancing elegance with the simplicity of the cursive 'f' placed purposely through Immanuel to create a sophisticated look.


I iterated a few versions of the wireframe before adding images and content provided by the client.
Wireframe image of a homepage iteration



Before image of immanuel florals homepage


After image of immanuel florals homepage

Product Page


Before image of immanuel florals product page


After image of immanuel floral homepage
4 images of immanuel floral pages
03/Prototype & Testing

User testing

Feedback from targeted user testing is valuable because it allowed me to implement iterations that improved their experience.
moving gif of gallery page
Video gif of immanuel floral custom order page

Measuring success

The same users who navigated the site prior to the redesign were brought in again to test the newly design website. Some of the feedback received was changes to language because users found some words confusing. I discussed this with the client and they agreed to change the language to cater to users.
There were times where I took on suggestions and work outside of my scope to cater to my clients needs. I had to self reflect and reassess how to reprioritized and realigned expectations. After reflecting, I was able to refocus design decisions to the user research and clearly communicated users needs.

Users stated they were very impressed with the new redesign because they were able to navigate easier and faster. They spent less time guessing and using cognitive energy because the navigation was clear and understandable. One of my biggest takeaways is the power of listening, understanding and advocating for users to create a harmonious experience.