Helping educators and professionals focus and better manage meetings.
Role: Product Designer, Research, Testing
Project: Adding a new feature
Tools: Figma, Miro, Whimsical


How might we help business professionals and educators reduce distractions so that they can focus and better manage their meetings and online classes?


Lose track: Users lose track of time because they are trying to be active during their meetings.
Distractions: Users are relying on hand written methods to record participants taking time away from the meeting.


Time Reminder: To remind users when to wrap up so they can focus and better manage their meeting.
Automatic Reporting: An automated reporting tool to help simplify the tedious task of keeping attendance.
Key Findings
Users are distracted and find it challenging to focus because of multiple conflicting tasks. When meetings go over time, this costs the business time and money.
Use other tools
User rely on their computer, phone or set an alarm to track time.
Have trouble writing names
Participants joined at different times and names are randomly sorted.

Synthesizing user research

Laura Hamilton
Occupation: Business Operations Manager
Location: San Francisco, CA
Age: 39
Pain points:
Managing my schedule at work can be hectic. I have many meetings during the day and they are usually back to back. I am often late because previous meetings run overtime.

I want to be able to end meetings timely without feeling rushed and overwhelmed for my next meeting.

Feature prioritization

A feature prioritization analyzes necessary features applications need to function.
Must have
High Impact
Closed caption
Video on/off funcion
Calendar integration
Account creation
Navigation car
Search function
Mute function
Nice to Have
High Impact
Phone system capabilities
File sharing
Language text translation
Team collaboration
Chat and annotation
Custom backgrounds
Low Impact
Text editing
Email notification
Poll/voting features
Group customization
contact list
Low Impact
Image enhancement
Lighting adjustment
News, social and blogs
company support

Understanding the competitors

A competitor review identified opportunities where Zoom could strengthen their features.
Google Meet
Documents and attachments can be shared and accessible in one place.
Microsoft Teams
Strong integration and tools to create virtual classrooms and download attendance.
Cisco Webex
Compile metric data with statistics on meeting frequency, attendees and peak periods.
Video and direct message capabilities that integrate with additional software programs.

Fidelity ideations and design

Low fidelity sketches combine with a sitemap helped to communicate the features being delivered. As a result high fidelity sketches were fleshed out quickly.
Sketches for downloading a participant report.
This feature helps compile a list of participants who joined the meeting. The data is automated and the report is ready to downloaded or sent to the hosts email. By automating this feature, it allows the user to focus reducing the need to juggling any additional tasks.

I moved forward with sketch 2 because users were able to download participants within the meeting itself.
Sketches for setting up an meeting end timer.
A meeting end timer feature appears towards the end of the meeting allowing users to manage time better to optimize productivity.

I moved forward with sketch 1 because it allowed users flexibility to change the timer and control their time in multiple locations.
03/Prototype & Testing


Setting up a timer and adjusting a preferred time frame on the go is easy with a mobile device.

Measuring success

Users completed the given tasks of downloading a participant report and setting up an end meeting timer. All users were able to set a timer easily. Feedback from two users about the participant report was that they wanted to see a preview of the attendance list before downloading.
If I had more time, I would expand on the timer to allow users the ability to customize the timer and to be able to count the duration of the meeting. Overall with the limited time to complete this project, I am proud that I was able to meet the needs of my users and received positive feedback that my features was intuitive and helped them focus and end meetings on time.